The Himmeli Hack

Holy Himmelis!  What the heck is a himmeli, you ask?  Well, they’ve been popping up all over the internet, and these geometric tube structures are all the rage! Himmelis are a Finnish type of mobile originally made out of straw.  The word Himmeli is Swedish for “Sky/Heaven” making it very appropriate to use these lil’ guys as a hanging decoration.


I had an idea to install a TON of these awesome geometric designs over a dance floor for a recent wedding.  My initial search for the “how-to” led to tutorials made with brass tubing.  Not only did it seem a little heavy and dangerous to hang brass tubing….but dang…it was getting expensive.  Enter: The Himmeli Hack.   It begins with my favorite mantra, “There’s nothing a little spray paint can’t fix!”  Yup, you guessed it, a little metallic spray paint and an Amazon order of 500 clear plastic drinking straws and we were in business!  Himmelis for days!  They are lightweight, cheap and easy to transport!   Boom-shaka-laka!


The best part is that there are so many options for the types of shapes you want to create and you can really let your imagination run wild!  Above are a few of my favorite designs.  Now, for a tutorial I recommend checking this out…I totally renegaded this DIY and didn’t measure a thing.  Sometimes it is more fun to fly by the seat of your pants! Here’s a peek at the finished design-it’s a Himmeli Party!


Featured on the Grace Ormonde Blog~ Kim and LB

I’ve got exciting new folks!  A film by Luminance Pictures documenting Kim and LB’s wedding at Loretto Chapel and the reception I designed at Rio Chama is featured on the Grace Ormonde Blog.  Click HERE to see it all!

Photo by Ginger Russell Photography


Weekend craft warriors ~ Ready, Set, Go!

You can even watch the magic happen before your eyes:

The Hitching Post with Jessie Abrams Baca | Papel Picado Luminarias from on Vimeo.

The Hitching Post with Jessie Abrams Baca | Papel Picado Vase from on Vimeo.


Winter Wedding Inspiration

A wedding doesn’t always have to take place in the spring or summer.  You can take advantage of the chillier months to get better deals on your venues and travel arrangements.  How romantic does it sound to host your nuptials in a cozy environment?  I am inspired by the warm flicker on candles, cool color palettes, and lately, I am inspired by a set of antique laces sold in Santa Fe Fabrics. I decided to style a themed tabletop decoration in cream, silver, pewter, blush and currant colors, all revolving around the lace inspiration.  I have goose bumps over the dreamy, romantic and vintage vibe found atop of this table.  It’s so good; you’ll want to gobble it all up!

Now, lace certainly isn’t limited to sewing projects alone, it looks great on the table!  I love the look of a wide lace as a runner laid on top of a deep rich table-top.  I just adore the look of the muted threads with the floral arrangement from Artichokes and Pomegranates made of Dusty Miller, Quicksilver and Polo Roses, Berzillia and Privett Berries.

The laces found at Santa Fe Fabrics come in a variety of widths and shades, prices ranging from $2.10-$8.10 a yard.

My favorite way to use the lace is to make beautiful vintage-looking votives. They are incredible easy to make yourself, just find a few glass votives and slather on some Modge Podge or other craft adhesive.  Wrap the pre-cut lace around the votive and allow to dry.  Voila! A beautiful trim to give the flickering glow of candles a romantic touch. (Hint, seal cut edges of the lace with a swipe of clear nail polish to prevent fraying.) I also covered a few votives with silver tissue paper and then glued a thinner strip of lace on those.

Little poufs of baby’s breath were places in silver julep cups to create softness on the tabletop.  I’ll admit, I am a huge fan of this often-neglected flower when it is used all by itself.  There is something sort of nostalgic about it, don’t you think?

The place mats were created from the most beautiful pewter colored Duponi silk and added just the right amount of glamour.  I purchased a few fat quarters and cut in half and hemmed, they easily make a perfectly sized place mat.

As a special touch, I used the thinnest width of lace to create napkin ties, accented with Privett berry for the perfect currant color pop.

I hope you are excited for your winter tabletop decoration!  I sure had fun styling it and thinking warm, cozy thoughts as the snow piled up this weekend!  Cheers!