“You may now update your Facebook status”

Photo by Sweet Little Photographs

You may not be surprised to hear this at a wedding nowadays.  With social media becoming more and more a part of our lives, more and more couples are incorporating a “status update” into their vows.  Slightly Completely irreverent, I personally think it is hilarious.  I wouldn’t necessarily be cool with it for a church wedding, but why not tell all your friends, and their friends…after all, a wedding is a public declaration of your love for one another.

What I’m really excited to see is how Twitter will become a part of weddings.  I’ve seen Twitter proposals, but I love the idea of a Twitter guest book. By giving your guests a personal hashtag to use with all of their posts, like #BradLovesAshley, encourage phone use (!) and let them tweet the night away!  How fun would it be to revisit all of the tweets that were tagged while your guests were witnessing a sweet ceremony, enjoying a delectible dinner, stuffing their faces with cake and booging down on the dance floor.  I’m on a mission to make it happen, my digitally-savvy friends!