The HEART of a Wedding

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I LOVE to throw a good party, to put my entire heart and soul into fueling the reasons behind the celebrations: making sure that the people present at the party are thrilled to be a part of such a celebration. This has caused me to look more closely at the reasons we host such events. Weddings have the tendency to be swept into a whirlwind of “supposed to” and “well, So and So did it this way, so shouldn’t I?” I am on the quest to find something more meaningful, more authentic, steeped in truth. Not just a wedding. Not just a party. But what makes it something more?  I find myself asking clients in our very first meeting, “What is at the HEART of your wedding?” What is going to make this event tick, burst with meaning and be memorable for all who take part?

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I received a beautiful book, “The Kinfolk Table” from a dear friend and as I was reading the introduction, something jumped out at me. The author’s purpose is to offer alternative ideas of entertaining.  We can create “casual, intentional, meaningful” parties but the author also tries to question the true reasons for inviting friends to celebrate and references “relationships, traditions, community and conversations”.  While a wedding is not only entertaining, it highlights the aforementioned points.  There is purpose.  There is the celebration of union, tradition and a honoring of one’s community.


I am honored when I have the privilege to help create such a celebration.  I don’t take it lightly as I understand the gravity of the event.  I particularly take joy in the process when the client and I bond and are able to develop a celebration so unique and so bespoke that it could never be duplicated.  This was the case for Jaimee and Matt.  They wanted a VERY intimate celebration, with only their immediate family, 20 people.  They wanted their guests to truly get away and to enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer, while also being able to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature that they, as a couple, appreciate so much.


After much searching, we chose the Hacienda Doña Andrea, a private 9 bedroom hacienda, nestled in the Ortiz mountains.  The house gave everyone their own space, while allowing the community to bond, to share meals, play games and laze about.  Then, on the wedding day it was transformed for a beautiful celebration.  I love that Jaimee and Matt chose an intimate celebration as it allowed them to focus on the tradition and the bonds of their family and gave me an opportunity to create a very dynamic space for them  in which to celebrate.  They wanted to share a multi-course meal with their family and be able to enjoy close conversations over a candlelit table.  We still honored traditions like the cake cutting and the first dance, but it was truly a unique and memorable event, like no other.  Each detail was steeped with intention and thought and most importantly, HEART.




Photos:  Rick Scibelli Photography~ Cake: Maggie’s Wedding Cakes ~ Floral: Renegade Floral ~ Invites: Friend of Bride

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Real Wedding~ Maggie and Kosta

Sometimes, after a wedding I get the blues.  I think this happens with any project, or big event, when it’s over, you miss the planning and the camaraderie that comes along with it.  For me, the connection that develops with the family is one of the best parts of the planning process.  This was the case with Maggie and Kosta’s wedding.  I had so much fun getting to know them and becoming part of the family.  As an event designer, I so treasure the privilege to be part of someone’s very personal day.

….Ok, enough of that sap.  Let’s get to the goodies!

Photographer extraordinaire, Ginger Russell captured some major beauty on Maggie and Kosta’s wedding day.  Hellooo Grace Kelly incarnate, right?!?  Maggie is gorgeous even without make-up, but Jess Evans rocked her wedding day beauty with custom hair and make-up.

Before I met Kosta, and had only seen a picture, I thought he was going to very serious and mysterious.  I was nervous to meet him, but it turns out he is the most lovable and hilarious guy!  He and Maggie are a such a handsome couple and so much fun to be around!

One of the most unique pieces of this wedding was that the ceremony took place in a Greek Orthodox Church, specifically St. Elias Church in Eldorado.  Kosta is from Greece and Maggie converted to Greek Orthodox to be married in this church.  Now, I go crazy over ceremonies steeped with tradition, and this one took the cake!

The inside of the church is decked out in amazing gilded iconography; it is truly a sight to behold!  (You can actually behold this sight on Thursdays from 11am-1pm- they are open for iconography viewing- get your buns over there!)

Maggie and I hit it off right away when she requested that some elements be “a little out of the box” so to speak. Instead of carrying flowering bouquets the bridesmaids carried hand-dipped beeswax candles that we adorned with a Kraft paper wax catcher and a sprig of Blue Thistle and Crespedia.

Oh my gorgeous!  Now hang on to your hose-panties because the cocktail hour had some fun surprises and the reception was beautiful….be back soon with more pictures!