Planning parties makes me tick.  It always has.  Whether it’s mulling over a custom menu or dreaming up an elaborate tablescape, the smallest details are the ones that give me a thrill.  But the thoughtful choices like ribbon color, or icing flavor are more appreciated when an event is well-planned and the little details are seamlessly executed.  The foundation of an event needs to be plotted and planned to a tee for those details to shine and create lasting memories for your guests.

I like to approach an event with both sides of the ol’ brain.  The left brain ensures that the logistics are smooth and all issues are anticipated.  The flow of the event is carefully thought out so guests have a blast without realizing that it’s been produced down to the minute.  The right side puts a creative spin on things, making the event out of the box, unique and memorable.  I want every part of the experience to be thought through and for all of your guests’ senses to be stimulated, completely surrounding them with the magic that is your party.

Give me a jingle {505-428-9040}, shoot me an email, {}, or if you’re in Santa Fe, come by the studio and we can get in some face time! Everything we do is custom tailored to YOU; so let’s get together and dream up something fabulous, shall we?


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