Emmy InspirationSeptember 24, 2012

Even though I didn’t watch the Emmys (I don’t have TV), I do love catching up on the fashion, like any red-blooded female!  When I opened up the New York times today, I saw this lovely spread of gorgeous ladies:

They are all hotties, but I was more intrigued by the beautiful palette of the photos.  I was so inspired, I decided to create a little party/wedding inspiration board for you!

Confetti Systems honeycombs, Natalia Brilli Necklace, Martha Stewart Sparkle Pom Poms and floral, Handmade hearts by Ashley Meaders/Photo by Our Labor of Love, Marc Jacobs styling, Sugar Paste Hearts by Signe Sugar, Feather Boutonniere

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Where ya’ been, whatcha doin’?September 19, 2012

Howdy!  I am finally starting to see the light after THE busiest part of wedding season.  I have so many spectacular things to share, I’m dying to sit down and comb through it all!  But, as a little tease, here are a few snapshots, mostly from my Instagram account that will give you a glimpse into my day to day:

Living dangerously and building martini towers.

Working with photo ninja, Gia Canali…she’s the one under the hood shooting 4×5 polaroids…so rad!

Getting people sent off in style…vintage benz

Getting in some yoga time with the Lululemon gang.  Did you know they offer free yoga in the park?

Trying hard not to shove all the macarons in my face at once.

Oh, just hanging out with the deer behind my studio.

Cruised up to the AHA Fest at the Railyard and boy, was that a good time. Hip artists, rockin’ bands, food trucks…it almost felt like Santa Fe was a big city!

DJ’ing….not really, I was just listening!

Getting down on some cocktail hour chalkboard script….love those stripey straws too.

Getting folks married the artsy way….had the pleasure of hosting at event at the Selby Fleetwood Gallery on Canyon Road.

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Real Wedding~Maggie and Kosta, the Reception!August 29, 2012

My favorite part about planning a wedding is the design process.  I love getting to know the couple’s aesthetic when it comes to color, texture and style and put my right brain to work!  I usually ask the couple questions like: “how is your house decorated, where do you like to shop, and how would you describe your ideal day?”  Basically anything that gives me insight into their world helps me to develop a look and feel for their wedding. (Might I also add that Pinterest is an amazing tool for helping me understand what a bride has envisioned! )
Once I feel I have a clear idea, I love to draw sketches and renderings of what the designs may look like.  I’m always amazed when the final product is nearly a replica of the sketch.  See for yourself, how Maggie and Kosta’s wedding reception came to life! Photos courtesy of Ginger Russell Photography

The reception took place in the very beautiful Tabla Restaurant at the Hotel St. Francis.  I love this space because it offers a very clean and sophisticated canvas on which to design.  Maggie loved materials like peacock feather, pods, pine cones, moss and succulents.  Luckily the arsenal within my studio had everything she needed, like vintage teal mason jars and birch stump planters (not to mention my succulent farm). But the best thing for me was receiving two giant bushels of dried cotton from her father’s farm!  I worked those into the design of the tables and wow, was it stunning.  It completed the look in addition to being a very sentimental part of the wedding.

Even mother nature pitched in with adorable pine cone place cards!

I created custom table runners with fabric from Santa Fe Fabrics.  We wanted to keep Tabla’s beautiful wood tables exposed, but bring in a touch of teal, while at the same time keep it rustic with a frayed edge linen.

Then, there was cake.  Now this wasn’t just any cake, it was a fine Maggie’s Wedding Cakesexquisite creation, shaped like a church in Santorini! Oh, snap!  The cake was not only an homage to Kosta’s Greek heritage, but it signified the very Church where Kosta proposed to Maggie.  They even had a family friend create a beautiful watercolor of the special spot which also graced the cake table.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without succulents and a peacock or two!

10 months prior, Maggie and I were brainstorming and cooking up plans for a beautiful wedding.  After all of our hard work and thoughtful design it was a pleasure to see a beautiful reception filled with smiles, laughter, great food, fabulous desserts and even some Greek dancing!

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Real Wedding~ Maggie & Kosta, Cocktail HourAugust 9, 2012

One of my favorite ways to create a memorable experience for the guests is to encourage interactivity.  For Maggie and Kosta’s wedding, I wanted guests to feel part of the experience, not just stand around and observe. We wanted cocktail hour to be filled with laughter, smiles, a bunch of fun and guests hollering, “OPA!”

Enter the custom cocktail bar:

We decided to take the signature drink to a whole new level.  We worked with Hotel St. Francis’s very own Santa Fe Barman, Chris Milligan to create infusions of cucumber vodka and lemon infused rum.  The flavored spirits were pre-poured into customized jars and then guests were invited to choose their own combination of summer berries and fresh herbs to add to their concoction.  The drinks were topped off with soda and ice, covered with a lid and the guests could shimmy and shake their very own cocktails!

Shake, sip, OPA!


First and last photos courtesy of Ginger Russell Photography.  Middle photos via the Hitching Post Instagram Feed.

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Real Wedding~ Maggie and KostaJuly 24, 2012

Sometimes, after a wedding I get the blues.  I think this happens with any project, or big event, when it’s over, you miss the planning and the camaraderie that comes along with it.  For me, the connection that develops with the family is one of the best parts of the planning process.  This was the case with Maggie and Kosta’s wedding.  I had so much fun getting to know them and becoming part of the family.  As an event designer, I so treasure the privilege to be part of someone’s very personal day.

….Ok, enough of that sap.  Let’s get to the goodies!

Photographer extraordinaire, Ginger Russell captured some major beauty on Maggie and Kosta’s wedding day.  Hellooo Grace Kelly incarnate, right?!?  Maggie is gorgeous even without make-up, but Jess Evans rocked her wedding day beauty with custom hair and make-up.

Before I met Kosta, and had only seen a picture, I thought he was going to very serious and mysterious.  I was nervous to meet him, but it turns out he is the most lovable and hilarious guy!  He and Maggie are a such a handsome couple and so much fun to be around!

One of the most unique pieces of this wedding was that the ceremony took place in a Greek Orthodox Church, specifically St. Elias Church in Eldorado.  Kosta is from Greece and Maggie converted to Greek Orthodox to be married in this church.  Now, I go crazy over ceremonies steeped with tradition, and this one took the cake!

The inside of the church is decked out in amazing gilded iconography; it is truly a sight to behold!  (You can actually behold this sight on Thursdays from 11am-1pm- they are open for iconography viewing- get your buns over there!)

Maggie and I hit it off right away when she requested that some elements be “a little out of the box” so to speak. Instead of carrying flowering bouquets the bridesmaids carried hand-dipped beeswax candles that we adorned with a Kraft paper wax catcher and a sprig of Blue Thistle and Crespedia.

Oh my gorgeous!  Now hang on to your hose-panties because the cocktail hour had some fun surprises and the reception was beautiful….be back soon with more pictures!

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Where my girls at?!June 22, 2012

So, thinking of getting together with your best girl buds before the wedding?  Don’t necessarily feel like strutting around with a “Bachelorette” sash and getting hammered at the clubs?  Well here are a few ideas of some fun things to do while enjoying the company of your sweetest gal pals:


One of my favorite ways to relax is in a hot tub!  Ten Thousand Waves, a beautiful mountain spa nestled in the hills, provides a tranquil and zen escape from town.  They offer a selection of private and communal hot tubs, perfect to laze around and grab some rays at the same time!

Ojo Caliente is another great spot.  It’s a little further out of town, but rejuvenating in one of their hot springs will have you ready for your wedding weekend!  They even offer spa services, yoga classes and lodging. Catch this: they are offering a Girls Getaway Package right now! Hey! Hey!


Take a walking food tour of Santa Fe. Food Tour New Mexico offers a guided historic tour to selected restaurants where you will see cooks in progress and of course grab a sample of the restaurants’ finest offerings.  If you’re feeling saucy, they just added a tequila tasting class at the Ore House Milagro and a wine pairing class at the Coyote Cafe.


Up for a more hands on approach?  Take a class at the Santa Fe School of Cooking. They offer both demonstration style and hands-on classes.  They have a huge array of classes or you can learn to make classic New Mexican staples like chile, Tamales and Rellenos!


Gotta look fly for the wedding; might as well kill two birds with one stone and have a mani/pedi, facial or even a massage to keep you relaxed.  Many of the hotels in town offer full spa services and can put together special packages complete with champagne and a light lunch for your gals.

A few recs: Absolute Nirvana, La Posada de Santa Fe, NIDAH Spa at Eldorado, Loretto


Feeling a little more traditional?  The Hotel St. Francis offers RESPO, an afternoon tea and coffee service, complete with sherry and sweets every Friday and Saturday from 3-5pm.  You can even make reservations for a private party and enjoy goodies like Pastelles de Tres Leches, Belgian Chocoalte Torte and Farmer’s market cheeses. Num!


Feeling a little more adventurous? Mello Vello, a bicycle rental company offers city cruisers for you to explore town on your own.  Or if you don’t feel like pedaling, rent a motor scooter from iScoot. So European, no?




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Gettin’ hitched in the Old WestJune 14, 2012

I’m pretty sure I was born too late. If I had my druthers I would be in my prime in the Old West of the 1880’s. I’ve always had an affinity for the stories of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday and I’m pretty sure if I were alive then, I’d be rocking some cowboy boots and a roughed up hat, galloping around on a horse with a big ol’ shotgun. Jessie Jane Baca, has a good ring to it, no?

Ok, back to weddings! Have you ever heard of Bonanza Creek Ranch? Well, if you like the Old West as much as I do, you would be over the moon with this amazing event venue. It is a real life cattle ranch and western movie set. You may recognize it from Cowboys and Aliens, 310 to Yuma and Appaloosa, just to name a few…

Now, when most people hear “movie set” they think of silly painted facades. The most amazing part about Bonanza Creek is that there are no facades. The sets are made of real buildings, with fronts and backs! When you step foot onto the property you are transported to an Old West town, complete with Saloons, barbers, jailhouses and banks! Every detail is as if it were still in the 1800s, you’d think Billy the Kid was going to come strolling down the road at any minute!

The sprawling property has two operating movie sets, one is an town center, perfect for gunfights and saloon brawls, the other a peaceful lakeside residence, with a barns and even adobe houses. The details within the buildings are what got me! The wallpaper and curtains were worn and perfectly rustic. The town saloon was one of my favorite buildings. The big mirror was covered with vintage labels and they even had a giant bingo wheel!

The ranch is nestled in the foothills of Santa Fe and even though it is only 20 minutes from town, you feel completely separated from civilization. It truly is an authentic experience for any visitor.

The ranch rents out each of its movie sets to host events and parties. Even if you wanted to offer a fun activity for your guests before or after a wedding, the ranch offers guided tours of the sets, horse rides and authentic chuck wagon lunches. Yee haw! Polish up your cowboy boots and click here for more info about Bonanza Creek.

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Sneak PeekMay 23, 2012

Just wanted to give you a peek into the inspiration for this weekend’s wedding.  There will be beautiful shades of purple and silvery sage, lots of spring wildflowers provided by Artichokes and Pomegranates, and corazon Milagros, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Hacienda Dona Andrea.  The bride will be walking down to the aisle to John Lennon’s, Grow Old With Me played on banjo, which I think is going to sound so cool!

I’m also excited to have quintessential decor for a Santa Fe wedding like Papel Picado and of course the most adorable succulent place cards.  We’ve been planting our hearts out over here at the studio, and loving every minute!



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I love {NOT} campingMay 17, 2012

But this may have changed my mind…..

Enter Shelter Co., A pop up lodging service catering to groups looking for an overnight outdoor experience.  What!?  I can host a camping party and not worry about a thing? Hello Camp Wedding!!!

Shelter Co. will provide elaborate camping shelters with plush beds, rad furniture as well as potty’s (cause who likes to squat?) and even food and fun for your guests. Talk about an amazing experience without all the hassle of the “pack-in, pack-out”!

They can even do a bar set-up, beauty stations or a stocked library.  Great outdoors, here I come!!!

P.S. Check out their blog, I’d like to live in it permanently, ’cause it’s so darn gorgeous.

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Around here…May 3, 2012


Hey gang!

I just returned from a lovely, restful, much needed vacation and I am ready to rock the 2012 wedding season.  It’s amazing what a little relaxation will do for you when you’re fast approaching burn out!  I am so excited to work with so many wonderful clients, create so many beautiful spaces and get my craft on!

In other awesome news…I have moved to a new studio and I am beyond excited!  Things are slowly coming together and I can’t wait to share all the DIY projects and fun finds around here.

Till soon!



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