Weddings! OLE!

I write this post with 7 days until my last wedding of the 2011 season, also my LARGEST wedding of the season. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about it.  With so much planning and prep, it’s sure to be ah-mazing!  Talk about going out with a bang!

Now, as I am sitting at my computer, sifting through my in-box, I am corresponding with brides for my 2012 season.  Everything is new and energizing to them and even though I am completely beat from the 2011 season, I am ignited with their sparks of excitement, the thrill to create something new, just for them!  I am always stunned at how weddings never get old to me; the more I look at them, the more a-flutter I get.  Even in the thick of a stressful installation, or crunching a budget that just doesn’t want to be crunched, or tying the 100th bow on a favor, I am still in love with the thrill of creating, designing, and interacting.

Each weekend I take my post behind the scenes as part of a different story, operating as the (wo)man behind the curtain.  I make sure everything is running smoothly, that all my “i”s are dotted and my “t”s crossed. I  make sure everyone is having a great time; that everything feels right.

I realize this is what makes me tick, it makes me want to sing and dance and laugh. Usually after events my feet are aching and blistered, but usually it’s my cheeks that hurt more, from smiling so much and being part of such a blissful occasion.  I am truly blessed to love the work I do. Rad.

A note about the animation above:  Every wedding I am lucky enough to work with incredibly talented vendors.  Here I am dancing in the glow of a beautiful ceremony altar space I designed while being serenaded by an amazing guitarist, Yves Lucero.  These slow-exposure pics were snapped by the ever talented Ginger Russell.  Is it obvious I am such a ham?

P.S. Yves sent me this…and I now understand why wedding planning is as good as getting 8 hugs a day!