Up-cylcling 101: Yarn Vases

Many years ago I received a giant box of embroidery yarn from my Great Aunt Penny.  In the box were about 50 Ziplock bags of yarn divided according to color.  Each bag had several shades of color in 3-yard lengths.  Since they were so short, they were never good for big-ol’ knitting projects but perfect for accents and smaller craft projects.

I was working on my brother’s wedding flowers and we needed a turquoise element on the tables. (Something we do quite a bit here in New Mexico!)  We had some cheap vases that were pretty “meh” and I thought, “Hey! I can Up-cycle these up with some yarn! I’ve got a ton of it!”  My brother and his fiancé had planned a rustic ranch wedding with many homespun elements, so the yarn would match perfectly into the motifs.

This was such an easy and fast projects, all you need is some hot glue! Start at the bottom of the vase; just dab a little on the glass and quickly press the yarn onto it.  Wrap it around the vase and keep adding dabs of glue here and there to keep the yarn in place.  I decided to change the widths and shades of blue to keep the pattern random and I was just so pleased with the result!

This would be a great project for a Autumn or Winter wedding to bring some warmth to a centerpiece.  Imagine it with a really chunky yarn!  Do note, it is difficult to keep the yarn in place one the vase begins to taper, so this project will work best with cylinder or square vases that are an even width.