Studio Tour

I am so excited to share pictures of my lovely studio space, my self-proclaimed club-house, where all the creative ADD goes down! I am so happy here and very blessed to have a place where I feel inspired and uplifted every time I walk through the door. Enjoy!


I should first mention that I have a chair problem.  I LOVE chairs! Would you believe that there are 12 chairs in the studio?  These lime green beauties were a consignment store score; with a fresh coat of paint and an oil cloth re-upholster, they are a fabulous statement in my meeting area!


I am also stoked on my pink (!) mini fridge.  The dinosaur magnets hold up a few of my favorite Save-the-Dates.


More chairs….and my beautiful view of the quaint yard, framed by the acequia and an orchard.  Whenever I have been staring at the computer for too long, I can pop outside to be surrounded by nature and get some perspective.  Deer and little kittens have been known to stop by too.




Here’s the craft corner where all sorts of projects go down.  And do note…this picture documents the first and last time it was only being used for one project.  Right now it is COVERED with a few of my favorite things… glitter, confetti and hot glue…creative chaos!




Look, another chair!


More on my cowboy obsession later…but I like to keep family photos by my desk while I work.  These are of my über-stylish grandparents.


Here are a few more vintage scores that I use for weddings.  The candy dishes are actually antique glass bowls that I epoxied to brass candlesticks!  I always say, if it’s not bolted to the floor of the studio, we can use it for your wedding!


Photos courtesy of the lovely Ginger Russell