Streaming Now!

Photo Suzy Clement

I don’t know what it is, but lately beautiful bouquets with long, gorgeous, ribbon streamers have been on my radar.  It does feel a little throw-back, old-school, but if done right, I think it can completely pull together a look and bring a touch of charm to a bouquet.

Bouquet by Ariella Chezar

I love the extended length of ribbon on this bouquet by floral master Ariella Chezar, it adds so much drama to the bride’s silhouette.

Photo and Flowers by Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua

Oh, SAIPUA, you’ve done it again with perfect Wabi Sabi elegance.  These bouquets have just the right amount of delicate streamers for an effortlessly beautiful look.

Photo: Brett Butterstein, Flowers: Marisa Peluso

I’ve always loved this bouquet by Santa Fe’s very own, Marisa of A Passion Flower. The dark burgundy ribbon was ornate as ever with embroidered, gold threads and beads.

Left, Bouquet: Ariella Chezar, Middle, Bouquet: Mindy Rice, Photo: Aaron Delesie, Right, Bouquet, Ariella Chezar

These punchy palettes are brought to life with a festive array of ribbons. I just adore how they look over the gray bridesmaids dresses too.

Photo: Our Labor of Love, Bouquet: JL Designs

This look can even be done beautifully is a rustic fashion. Braided ribbons, made out of strips of fabric, hint at a casual playfulness!