Gettin’ hitched in the Old West

I’m pretty sure I was born too late. If I had my druthers I would be in my prime in the Old West of the 1880’s. I’ve always had an affinity for the stories of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday and I’m pretty sure if I were alive then, I’d be rocking some cowboy boots and a roughed up hat, galloping around on a horse with a big ol’ shotgun. Jessie Jane Baca, has a good ring to it, no?

Ok, back to weddings! Have you ever heard of Bonanza Creek Ranch? Well, if you like the Old West as much as I do, you would be over the moon with this amazing event venue. It is a real life cattle ranch and western movie set. You may recognize it from Cowboys and Aliens, 310 to Yuma and Appaloosa, just to name a few…

Now, when most people hear “movie set” they think of silly painted facades. The most amazing part about Bonanza Creek is that there are no facades. The sets are made of real buildings, with fronts and backs! When you step foot onto the property you are transported to an Old West town, complete with Saloons, barbers, jailhouses and banks! Every detail is as if it were still in the 1800s, you’d think Billy the Kid was going to come strolling down the road at any minute!

The sprawling property has two operating movie sets, one is an town center, perfect for gunfights and saloon brawls, the other a peaceful lakeside residence, with a barns and even adobe houses. The details within the buildings are what got me! The wallpaper and curtains were worn and perfectly rustic. The town saloon was one of my favorite buildings. The big mirror was covered with vintage labels and they even had a giant bingo wheel!

The ranch is nestled in the foothills of Santa Fe and even though it is only 20 minutes from town, you feel completely separated from civilization. It truly is an authentic experience for any visitor.

The ranch rents out each of its movie sets to host events and parties. Even if you wanted to offer a fun activity for your guests before or after a wedding, the ranch offers guided tours of the sets, horse rides and authentic chuck wagon lunches. Yee haw! Polish up your cowboy boots and click here for more info about Bonanza Creek.