Everyday, it’s a gettin’ closer!

It sure feels like there are many irons in the fire right now. The 2012 wedding season is fast approaching and there’s lots to do! Besides creating layouts and assembling timelines, I’m working on a video DIY shoot tomorrow that I am excited to share with you, designing a baby shower for twins (it’s not ALL weddings around here…) and of course dreaming up some inspiration boards for clients.

I just love the palette of magentas and burgundies popping off all shades of greens.  I’m inspired by summer’s bounty of herbs, dahlias and vegetables like artichokes and kale.  I’ll be displaying it all on wrought-iron cake plates, in moss covered pots and overflowing onto rich, dark, wood tables.  We’ll be hanging flowers from the trees and having fun with chalkboard signs – should be a blast!

Here’s a little ditty that keeps me truckin’ along; I think you’ll enjoy!