The sun is shining and the birds are chirping!

Oh how I love Santa Fe in the Spring!  It is finally warm enough to be outside in a t-shirt, my apricot trees are in full bloom and all my bulbs are finally peeking above the dirt, getting ready to say “hi!”.

I’ve got a few things cooking as I gear up for a fresh start this spring, but first I’ve got a trip to the hardware store.  This weekend will involve some epoxy, my chop saw, candlesticks and a pink mini fridge.  Pretty exciting around here, I know!

Enjoy the glorious sun and big blue skies, I know I will!


Weekend craft warriors ~ Ready, Set, Go!

You can even watch the magic happen before your eyes:

The Hitching Post with Jessie Abrams Baca | Papel Picado Luminarias from on Vimeo.

The Hitching Post with Jessie Abrams Baca | Papel Picado Vase from on Vimeo.


THE PARTY: 30th birthday bash.

THE INSPIRATION: Circus, garlands, dessert buffet, crepe paper streamers, succulents, tequila cocktails, fringe, pops of neon, paper lanterns, and beautiful flowers!

THE MATERIALS: Crepe paper, metallic kraft paper disk garlands, sequins, foil fringe, coral and cantaloupe card stock, neon thread and yarn, spray paint, and my favorite: hot glue.

THE INVITATION: Crepe paper fringe sewn to card stock with neon thread, plunked in a glassine envelope and a kraft paper tag.

THE DECOR: Crepe paper garlands, fringe lanterns disco balls, tons of succulents, Big Fun and Piña Colada roses, and the coolest tequila bottles I have ever seen.

THE MENU: “50’s BBQ chic” Provided by this lovely lady.

Deviled Farm Eggs with Banana Pepper Relish

Celery Sticks with Upscale White Cheddar Pimento Cheese

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

Parmesan Grissini

Barbecued Spareribs with Zippy Guava-Habanero Sauce

Orange-Achiote Chicken Drummettes

Rice Paper Springrolls with Pineapple Coleslaw

THE DESSERT BUFFET: French Macaroons: Meyer Lemon, Raspberry, Cocoa Ganache, Pistachio and Mocha Java.  Handmade cake balls: Vanilla Raspberry, Chocolate Coconut and Hazelnut.  A strawberry ruffle cake inspired by this.


For the love of flowers!

For those of you that don’t know, I fell into the wedding industry by way of flowers. It was a complete accident really, as I suppose some of the best turns in life are.  After college I was in a crap job that had me in tears every Sunday night and one day, I said, “screw this.”  I marched down to Cosentino’s Florist in Malibu and the beginning of my new life started right there when I shook the hand of the incredible Joie Cosentino.  There I learned the basics of floral design, horticulture and savvy business operating.

It was when I moved to Santa Fe when the wedding planning took me by full force.  Little flower gigs led to little wedding planning gigs, which led to bigger wedding planning gigs and then, after a while, it was time to get a business card! Now I am fully in love with all aspects of event design.  Floral design, which is still my first love, is something that I do on occasion, and still treasure every moment of finding the perfect, God-created blossom to shine in the perfect bouquet.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, my brother was married last summer and my gift to him was to design all of his wedding flowers.  I wasn’t allowed to wedding-plan; bless their hearts, they actually wanted me to be able to sit down and eat and be a part of the day! So, I had the pleasure of scouring the San Diego flower market and designing my little heart out!

Enjoy these lovely shots from their photographer, Irish Grzanich

As is tradition in our family, my grandmother and jeweler extraordinaire, Alice Abrams, designed the wedding rings.  It is so special to all of us that have been gifted with such lovely treasures to wear her fine art everyday!

The ceremony space was my favorite part to design.  The couple opted for a circular ceremony to give a true feeling of community and to be surrounded by their loved ones. To tie in with the common thread running through the words of the ceremony, “His banner over me is LOVE,” we created a chuppah/ canopy to draw focus to the center of the space that was viewed from all angles.  To match with the playfulness and contemporary look of the stationery design, I strung Billy Balls on thread to accent the sides of the canopy. It was such a fun touch!

There were so many wonderful vintage items that the bride sourced.  I just love these plates!

My mom and harvested about a thousand succulents from San Diego and Santa Fe. They were everywhere!

And finally a sparkler send-off! (…no scars from that one!)  This was a beautiful night, filled with so much love; I get goose-bumps when I think about it.  I am so honored to be part of such a loving (and growing) family!